Moving Floor
Bedding Dispenser

Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser can easily be installed in new and old barns to streamline the distribution of bedding material. 

The Bedding Dispenser is programmed in desired interval and bedding material quantity. It ensures that only new, fresh bedding is supplied to the cubicles several times a day. 

If bedding materials are stored in front of the cubicles the risk of bacterial growth is very high. From an udder health perspective, it is ideal to supply dry bedding material several times a day. And you do not have to do the heavy work yourself.
1. The Bedding Dispenser is driven on a wooden plank mounted on top of the loops.
2. To pass over walkways the Bedding Dispenser uses its patented upper drive.


The bedding dispenser that simplifies your everyday life by adding bedding where needed.

Save time

A lot of time can be saved on handling bedding material. Average time spent per day per cow is 0,18 minutes.

Hygienic bedding material

Barn environment is often humid and promotes bacterial growth – for the quality of the bedding material it should be kept dry and brought into the barn often.

Small quantities often

Program your Bedding Dispenser in desired interval. For the best result we recommend small quantities to be distributed often.

Cost effective

Installation of Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser is easy and cost effective.

Optimal Cow Environment

Our own experience together with general research on cows and udder health leads us to what is an optimal environment for cows and their udders.
Read our PDF-guide


Less work, distributes bedding in the desired interval, easy installation.


Exterior length: 1000 mm.

Exterior width: 600 mm.

Height (dispenser box): 1200 mm.

Weight: 40 kg.

Volume of bedding dispenser: 250 liters.


Container: Aluminum.

Input: PVC mat with cleat.

Rail: Wooden plank.


In new or existing barns. 

Wooden plank installed on top of loops serves as rail for the machine.

Refill: Can be equipped with hopper

Movement: 90 degrees sideways. Bridging rails needed over walkways.


Battery: 24VDC with docking station.

Drive: Patented drive existing of double drive. 6-axis drive with chain.

Control: PLC programmed in interval and bedding amount.


Where does the dispenser distribute bedding?

Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser can distribute bedding in cubicles, boxes and other areas.

How often does the dispenser run?

Distribution interval and bedding amount is programmed according to need. An average is three distributions per day.

What type of bedding material can you use?

The machine works with most types of bedding. Straw needs to be chopped. The size of the gap where the bedding exits can be adjusted to the thickness of the bedding material.

How is the Bedding Dispenser installed?

It runs on wooden planks mounted on the loops. As the machine gets close to a walkway the upper drive is activated, as well as when the machine is transferred sideways to another row by a wall-mounted rail.

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