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Calf Feeder

The Calf Feeder by Moving Floor is by far the easiest modular system that can automate calf feeding even to small groups of calves. 

The milk is mixed in a plastic bag with compressed air. 

Every other day, the old bag is replaced with a new bag. 

RFID indicates how much milk or concentrate feed that the calf should have. Simple and ingenious.

Here's how it work


1. The calf carry an ear tag with RFID. The ear tag is read and will grant/not grant the calf permission to eat concentrate.
2. The calf is given a small amount of concentrate feed that the calf easily finishes. A sound indication will teach the calf the correlation between putting her head by the feed tray and getting feed. A programmed feed curve indicates the calf maximum intake per day.


1. The calf carry an ear tag with RFID. The ear tag is read and will grant/not grant the calf permission to eat milk.
2. The plastic bag will fill up with milk powder and water.
3. Compressed air is led down through the channels of the bag. The milk is mixed as the air bubbles up. The programmed feeding curve decides the amount and timing of milk to be given to the calf.


The advantages of a modernized stable are many, but we are happy to mention some of them.

Save time

There is a lot of time to save on calf care. Rationalize your day-to-day work and spend the time earned on the animals themselves.


Is of immense importance. A sterile, disposable mixing bowl is far superior to a washed mixing bowl.

Increased growth

Calves on Moving Floor has a general 20-30% increased average daily weight gain. Conformity of feeding is an important factor.

Cost effective

The modular system of Moving Floor Calf Feeder makes it cost effective to mechanize event the feeding of small groups of calves.


Complement your calf handling with Moving Floors modular Calf Feeder.


Length: 500 mm.

Width: 400 mm.

Height: 300 mm.

Weight: 400 kg.

Volume powder container: 40 liters.

Volume of concentrate container: 40 liters.


Container: Stainless steel and PVC.

Feeding place: translucent plexiglass for comfort and control.

Input: Shaftless screw of PVC and PVC pipe.


Only in barns over 0 degrees Celsius. Hangs easily on to Moving Floor Groupbox.

Water: Pipes with cold and hot water is installed to the Calf Feeder, where there is a faucet (water heater not included).


Electricity: 24V DC.

Control: PLC (transformer not included).


Mixing of milk: Milk is blended in the bag by compressed air.

Bag: Sterile bag to be changed every second day.

RFID: Each calf carry an ear tag for identification.

PLC: pre-programmed feeding curves.


How are the calves identified?

A yellow RFID tag in the ear.

Can I program the feeding myself?

Yes, you can vary the pre-programmed feeding curves and follow up on the calf’s consumption over the last days.

How is the Calf Feeder installed?

A Calf Feeder is installed between two Moving Floor Groupboxes and can serve 10 calves. Pipes of cold and circulating hot water is installed to each Calf Feeder. All movements of the Calf Feeder is made by compressed air.

What is the delivery time?

12 weeks delivery. Each order receives a preliminary date.
  • "I am now trying out Moving Floors Calf Feeder with Concentrate. A step in streamlining my calf care and making the calves grow well."

    Alf Håvar Bro

    Milk producer Skiptvet, Norway

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