Moving Floor 
Group box / Calf box

The Moving Floor Groupbox is, unlike traditional calf pens or hutches, programmed to clean and distribute bedding automatically in your desired interval. 

Clean and healthy calves grow faster and become better dairy cows. Take care of the most important thing you have in your crew – your recruitment – your future cash cows!
Calf group box
1. The floor area where the animals are eating is the dirtiest area.
2. At programmed intervals the floor rotates – manure is then scraped into the gutter and the rear floor of the box is refilled with bedding.
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Optimal Calf Environment

We have created a guide with instructions and information on how to create the optimal environment for your calves.
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Studies done on the Calf Group Box

Most studies have been done at both universities and experimental farms to get as accurate test results as possible.
Good functionality and reliability.
The animals are not disturbed by the movement of the floor.
Indications of 20-30% increased daily growth on calves.
70% reduced bedding consumption.
Low energy consumption (approx. 500 kWh/calf/year)

Studies at Universities and Experimental Farms

- Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
- Wageningen, Netherlands
- Raumberg Gumpenstein, Austria
- Haus Düsse, Germany
- HINT, Norway
Labour saving
Bedding savings
Increased growth


Calf care requires a lot of time and effort to ensure healthy calves. Save time and resources with Moving Floor.

Save time

There is a lot of time to save on calf care. Rationalize your day-to day work and spend the time saved on the calves.

Save Bedding

Tests show up to 70% bedding reduction in Moving Floor compared to deep straw beddings.

Increased growth

Calves on Moving Floor has a 20-30% increased daily weight gain. Clean animals are healthy animals.

Low energy consumption

The average energy consumption is 500 kWh per calf per year.

Loose property

Moving Floor Gruppbox is classified as movable property and can easily be financed through leasing or installments.

Pay back

Average pay back is 2 years counted only on operational costs. Possible gains in animal health improvements not counted.

Cost: 0,25 USD/calf/day

The average cost including financing costs is 0,25 USD per calf per day for a completely automatic cleaning innumerous times per day.

Low Maintenance

No previous knowledge is required to perform service. Average spare part cost per year is approx 30 USD.


Group boxes for growing & healthy calves in a modern stable environment.


Exterior length: 4630 mm.

Outside width: 2450 mm.

Internal length: 3750 mm.

Internal width: 2010 mm.

Interior area: 7.5 sqm.

Weight: 600 kg.

Height (bedding dispenser): 1650 mm.

Bedding dispenser volume: 400 liters.


Mat: Rubber 4,5 m with two layers of fabric.

Base: Wooden base covered with stainless steel.

Sides: Compact laminate 6mm.

Penning: Hot dip galvanized steel.


Indoors or outdoors, in new barns or in renovated barns. 

The legs of the Groupbox can be adjusted to the existing concrete flooring.

Compressed air: 8 Bar (compressor not included, if installed outdoors the compressor must have dryer)

Control: PLC (transformer not included)


Electricity: 24 VDC (direct current).

Drive unit: Automotive brake chamber.

Compressed air: 8 Bar.

Compressed air consumption: 2 liters/movement.


How many calves can fit in one unit?

The surface for the calves is 7,5 sqm, normally 5 calves are kept in the Groupbox.

How does the floor move?

An easy PLC is programmed in the desired cleaning interval. The floor/rubber conveyor is slowly moved by mechanical movements generated by compressed air. Compressor is not included.

What delivery time do you have?

12 weeks. Each order will receive a specific delivery date.

Why should I choose Moving Floor?

Because it is the only calfbox on the market that automatically takes care of cleaning and bedding distribution. No manual labour can compete with Moving Floor. Average pay back is 2 years. The calves are clean, healthy and grow quicker.

How do I install Moving Floor?

Moving Floor is delivered flat packed and is mounted by you on spot. A mounting instruction will guide you through the steps. You need standard tools such as; wrench/drilling machine, wrenches 10-13-17, Allen keys.

How do I finance Moving Floor?

Moving Floor is considered a moveable property, it means leasing or installment is possible. Contact your bank or Moving Floor to learn more on flexible financing solutions.
  • "I really appreciate that the calf care is done automatically. Moving Floor just keeps running"

    Jonna Silvin

    Milk Producer Gothem, Sweden
  • "We used to have problems with calf health. Now we have not treated a calf since we installed Moving Floor"

    Karin Åstveit & Trond Reierstad

    Milk Producers Lörenskog, Norway
  • "We ran experiments on Moving Floor outdoors for three years. No operational disruptions despite sub-zero temperatures. Now I have Moving Floor on my own farm"

    Gregor Huber

    Milk Producer and Experimental Technician, Austria
  • "We have been using Moving Floor since 2009, and the need for service is surprisingly low. The calves are growing better, we are measuring how much"

    The Karlsson Family

  • "I have been using Moving Floor for my calves for several years now. I think they grow better. Will buy more Moving Floor in the future"

    Fred Johnsen

    Milk Producer Tana, Norway
  • "I save a lot of work, the only job is to fill bedding every other week. The calves grow better, my measurements show about 20-30% increased growth"

    Alf Håvar

    Bro, Sweden

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