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Moving Floor Gotland AB carries out
new issue of shares with Bjäre Invest and FAM.

Moving Floor develops, manufactures and sells patented modules for automatic cleaning of animal stables. The system aims to provide cleaner and healthier animal herds, with the goal of reducing the climate footprint and the need for preventive antibiotic use. Bjäre Invest and FAM are now investing 40 million SEK in Moving Floor with the aim of industrializing and scaling the products on the international market.
"We are very much looking forward to being a part of Moving Floor's exciting journey. Within Moving Floor there is a strong spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and a focus on healthier and more sustainable animal husbandry. This is well in line with Bjäre Invest's own value base and view of long-term value creation. We ourselves have our roots in agriculture and together with FAM and MovingFloor we can now contribute to change and sustainable development in modern agricultural operations."

- Per Gullstrand CEO, Bjäre Invest.
"We are very happy that FAM and Bjäre Invest wants to support us in our efforts to be able to offer farms an opportunity for a more circular operation with reduced environmental impact and healthier animal herds. "

- Peg Söderberg CEO, Moving Floor.
The company currently has around thirty patents and more than a hundred customers spread around the world. The company is now recruiting in order to expand its operations both on Gotland and in Stockholm in line with the adopted strategy, which i.a. means that operations are allocated to large customer markets such as China and Brazil. Furthermore, continued research on gas emissions and antibiotic use will be carried out as part of a future certification in line with the EU's directives regarding ammonia emissions and antibiotic use.
Peg Söderberg CEO, 
Moving Floor Gotland AB,
Moving Floor Gotland AB is an innovative cleantech company that develops, manufactures and sells patented modules for automatic cleaning of animal stables. The purpose of the technology is to contribute to reduce the farms negative environmental impact and antibiotic use. Moving Floor leads it international development of products for automatic cleaning by virtue of its patented technology. Moving Floor is owned by the Lindvall family, FAM, Bjäre Invest and Science Park Gotland Invest.

We are now looking to expand our team!

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