Moving Floor

The self-cleaning cubicle is cleaned every time the cow leaves the cow stall, using only the weight of the cow.

Reliable and extremely profitable. It is both common sense and very smart. 

It’s really common sense that a cow should not lie down in a bed with another cow’s manure and leaking milk.

Hygiene is crucial for the health and productivity of a cow.

Optimal Cow Environment

Our own experience together with general research on cows and udder health leads us to what is an optimal environment for cows and their udders.
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Here's how it works

1. The cow steps on to the slightly sloped cubicle.
2. The cow pushes down the front of the cubicle – a spring is compressed.
3. The back part of the cubicle gets dirty of manure and/or leaking milk.
4. The cow steps off – the energy stored in the spring is used to mechanically scrape off the top cover.

Bacterial growth

To the right, the bacterial growth is shown in the respective Cubicle, 24 hours after contamination.

Our Test Results

We tested the bacterial growth in cubicles – one Moving Floor Cubicle and two conventional cubicles. 

The three cubicles were all contaminated with manure. After one hour the Moving Floor Cubicle was scraped off (average cow laying time being 2 hours), one conventional cubicle was scraped off after 12 hours while the third and last cubicle was not scraped off at all. 

24 hours after the trial started the bacterial growth was measured in each cubicle.

Moving Floor


Conventional lying stall cleaned after 12 hours


Conventional lying stall not cleaned

Studies at the Swedish Veterinary Institute, Uppsala

Through an initial bacterial test, SVI has established that the cleaning in Moving Floor Cubicle seems to be effective against bacterial growth.
Read more about the Bacteria tests
Increased hygiene
Bedding savings
Labor savings


The biggest benefit of Moving Floor's lying stalls is the improved udder health.

Save time

Generally 0,22 min is spent on cleaning a conventional cubicle manually one time.

Less cross-contamination.

Moving Floor Cubicle is cleaned in between each cow. That means less bacteria growth and less risk for spread of disease.

Increased comfort

We don’t need to limit the cow’s space in order to keep the cubicle clean. We make the cubicles bigger, softer and with as little limitations as possible.

No energy consumption

The weight of the cow is used to mechanically clean the cubicle. Incredibly reliable.

Loose property

Moving Floor Lying stalls are classified as movable property and can easily be financed through leasing or installments.

Pay back

Average pay back is 2 years counted only operational expenses. No animal health benefits included.

Cost: 0,3 USD/cow/day

The average cost including financing costs is 0,3 USD/cow/day for a completely automatic cleaning.

Low Maintenance

No prior knowledge required to perform service. Average spare part cost per year is approx 12 USD.


Udder health is a key factor for profitability.


Exterior length: 2450/2350/2250/2150 mm.

Exterior width: 1250/1200/1000/900 mm.

Height: back part 250 mm, front part 450 mm.

Weight: 120-140 kg.

Loops are optional.


Conveyor: PVC 2,5 mm, 2 layers of fabric.

Base: Wooden base dimensioned for the weight of two cows.

Mattress: Latex 50 mm.

Closings: Reinforced rubber.

Floor attachments: Hot dip galvanized steel.

Spring: Automotive spring 3600 N.


New installation or renovation.

Can be combined with scraper alley or slatted flooring.

Installed on flat floor, floor attachments bolted to the floor.

Slope of cubicle can be adjusted.

Detachable closing underneath cubicle back part prevents dirt from accumulating under cubicle.


No electricity added, the weight of the cow moves the cubicle.

Drive: Patented mechanical drive ensure product reliabililty.

Drive unit: Automotive spring 3600 N.


Where is the engine?

There is no engine on the Moving Floor Cubicle. A patented mechanical drive rotates the top cover. The weight of the cow compresses a spring that later generates the movement of the top cover as the cow steps off. No energy added.

How is the cubicle installed?

The cubicle is placed on a flat floor and bolted to the floor. Observe that the cubicle cannot be installed on top of conventional concrete cubicles unless the level of the alley is adjusted.

How durable is the cubicle?

The base is heavily dimensioned for the power of two cows. Mattress and top cloth are of industry standard, corresponding to conventional cubicles.

Moving Floor Cubicle has twice as long mat as a conventional cubicle. The mat is rotated, which means that it is not subjected to abrasion in the exact same place all the time, which is the case with a conventional cubicle mat.

The drive consists of industry-standard components which guarantee millions of movements.

We provide a three-year operating guarantee, and expect a 15-year service life for the cubicle. For details you are welcome to contact us.

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