The Moving Floor Story

Moving Floor is a family owned company based on the Swedish island of Gotland. Read below to learn about the inspiration and development of the Moving Floor Concept, as well as our future aspirations.

Years of development


Calves grown up on Moving Floor




Patented countries internationally

Mooving Floors History


Here we are proud to present the eventful history of Mooving Floor.


The development of self-cleaning floors for pigs is starting.


The first patent is granted.


Successful experimental barn on pigs.


Self-cleaning floor for calves is started.


Installation of Moving Floor for calves at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


The Swedish Board of Agriculture approves the technology.


Moving Floor exhibits at EuroTier for the first time.


Region Invest Gotland joins as a partner.


Complete concept for “Dairy” is started.


First installation in China.


First installation in Canada.


First installation in Russia


Moving Floor for pigs is launched.


Cooperation agreement is written with Chinese partner.


The Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Board of Agriculture are funding a large research project on pigs.
Tommy Lindvall - the inventor of the self-cleaning moving floor.

The inventor.

Tommy Lindvall has devoted the past 20 years to the development of self-cleaning floors and associated equipment. The challenge started already in 1995 with developing self cleaning floors for pigs. Can you believe how difficult it is to find a material for a conveyor that the pigs do not eat?
"I have been a farmer for forty years. The need of an increased animal hygiene, and to do this mechanically, is so obvious to me."
- Tommy Lindvall

Inspiration from Nature

A TV show on National Geographic’s became the starting point for the development of self-cleaning floors. The reporter explained that the gnues on the savannah move over vast areas. They rarely get sick even though thousands of animals live in the same herd. Graze, fertilize, move on. Graze, fertilize, move on. Tommy realized what today’s livestock buildings lacked – motion! Can not animals move from their dung floor must move the animals.

A New Industry Standard

To secure future food demands the world’s livestock needs to increase in numbers but at the same time reducing their environmental impact. Perhaps the most important issue is to reduce antibiotic use in animal breeding.

Reduced antibiotic use

85% reduced ammonia emissions

Increased profitability

Moving Floor is part of a structural change and will contribute to a positive development of the sector. Moving Floor is the last important keystone for the modern barn.


SKAPA prize
SKAPA prize awarded several times
Nordea's award "Social Impact Award" during Techarenan
Nordea's award "Social Impact Award" during Techarenan 2018
Silver medal in Nordic Cleantech Open
Silver medal in Nordic Cleantech Open 2019
Scholarship from CleanTech Hub Shanghai
Scholarship from CleanTech Hub Shanghai 2018-2020
Swedish Women Entrepreneurs of the Year
Swedish Women Entrepreneurs of the Year 2020
IVA's honorary nomination in Smart Industry
IVA's honorary nomination in Smart Industry 2020
Winner Business Challenge
Winner Business Challenge 2022
Winner of The Next Awards
Winner of The Next Awards 2022 in the category Transformation

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