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Do you know that generally 7 times more water is used for cleaning for the pigs than what the pigs actually drink themselves? 
Moving Floor Pig equipment is cleaned 10-15 times/day without using any water at all.  Healthy animals grow better and need less antibiotics. 

This continous cleaning helps reducing the ammonia emissions by 85%. 

With Moving Floor pig equipment you can also build barns to a competitive price given the simplified ground works.
Pig equipment/ Pig box / Grisbox
1. The floor gets dirty by manure and urine.
2. In programmed intervals the floor rotates and the manure and urine is scraped off in the front.
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Studies done on Moving Floor Pig Equipment

1-4 ppm ammonia in barn environment (reference barn measured 7-14 ppm).
70% reduction of bedding materials compared to deep-straw system.
Good pig equipment reliability.
Postive growth rate.
Labor savings
Reduction of daily cleaning water
Reduced ammonia in barns

Ongoing Research Project

Moving Floor is at the forefront when it comes to a more efficient and modern pig barn without compromise.

European Agricultural Fund

Funding through EIP enables an ongoing development project of Moving Floors' concept of automatic cleaning for pigs. In the project, separate departments on a commercial farm will be set up with self-cleaning floors. A number of pigs stay on the floors and studies are done. The project concerns a conceptualisation of automatic cleaning for pigs. Read more here.

Another project is part-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, and it is a project with the combination of automatic cleaning and compost in order to create a closed manure management system. A feasibility study must be carried out and then the plant with automatic cleaning must be provided with drum composting. The project will lead to new knowledge about dimensioning and use of compost from manure from Moving Floor.
EU Agricultural Fund


The advantages of a modernized barn are many, but we are happy to mention some of them.

Simplify construction

Moving Floor Pig Equipment can simplify construction and mean significant cost savings.

Better growth

Tests show potential increased growth in pigs. Increased hygiene also reduces infection pressure.

Labor savings

All cleaning is done automatically, even bedding/rooting materials can be distributed automatically.

Low energy consumption

Average energy consumption is <100-500 kWh per sow/year.

Flexible financing

Moving Floor Pig Equipment is classified as movable property and can easily be financed through leasing or installments.

Pay back

On average 3 years calculating operational costs and health aspects such as increased growth rate.

85% less ammonia emissions

Moving Floor Pig barns have an 85% lowered ammonia level in comparison to conventional pig barns.

Low maintenance

The reliability of the system is high, and maintenace is comparatively low. 


Moving Floors multifunctional pig box for Growth or Slaughter.


Length: 5600 mm.

Width: 2600 mm.

Height: 1000 mm.

Surface: 11 sqm.

Weight: 800 kg.


Conveyor: Ultra resistant conveyor specially developed for pigs.

Frame: Wooden frame covered with stainless steel.

Sides: Plastic sheets.

Front gate: Hot-dip galvanized steel.


Pig Equipment are made in different designs; piglet cubicle, growth cubicle and slaughter pig cubicle.
Suitable for both new and renovated barns.

The unit has adjustable legs.

Compressed air: 8 Bars (compressor not included).

Control: PLC (transformer not included).


Electricity: 24 V DC.

Drive unit: Automotive brake chamber.

Compressed air: 8 Bar.

Compressed air consumption: 2 liters/movement.


How is the floor operated?

A small PLC is programmed in intervals. The floor is moved slowly forward by compressed air. Compressor needs to be connected to the unit (not included).

Why choose Moving Floor?

It is the only system on the market that can automatically clean and distribute bedding. No manual labor can compete with Moving Floor. General pay back is 2 years. Moving Floor gives healthy pigs that grow faster.

How to install Moving Floor?

Moving Floor is delivered in a flat package, mounted on spot. A clear mounting instruction will guide the way.

What is the delivery time?

12 weeks delivery. Each order receives a preliminary date.

How to finance Moving Floor?

Moving Floor is classified as a movable, it means it can be leased with the product as collateral. Contact your bank or Moving Floor for more information.

Do you want more info about the product?

Here you can sign up to get more info about this product and get in touch with us with your questions.

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