Moving Floor Single Box / Calf Box

It is now possible to clean a singlebox or calf pen while the calf is still there. 

Simply pull the handle and the top cover underneath the calf will rotate and get scraped off. 

A soft mattress under the top cover will provide comfort to the calf. By cleaning out several times per day you increase hygiene and avoid flies. Cleaning singleboxes just became very easy, unlike a labor-intensive traditional calf box, single box or calf hut.
Calf Singlebox
1. The calf stands on a soft mattress and a topcover with bedding.
2. When pulling the handle the top cover rotates and get scraped off.
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Optimal Calf Environment

We have created a guide with instructions and information on how to create the optimal environment for your calves.
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Calf care requires a lot of time and effort to ensure healthy calves. Save time and resources with Moving Floor.

Save time

There is a lot of time to save on calf care. Rationalize your day-to-day work and spend the time on the animals.


A soft mattress in the base of the single box gives the calf comfort and saves bedding.

Low maintenance

No previous knowledge is required to perform service. The average spare part cost per year is 10 USD.

Cost: 0,2 USD/calf/day

The average cost including financing is 0,2 USD per calf per day.

Loose property

Moving Floor Singelbox is classified as movable property and can easily be financed through leasing or installments.

Pay back

Pay back is 2 years calculated only on operational costs. Animal health benefits not included.


Complement your calf handling with Moving Floor's flexible Single Boxes.


Exterior length: 1650 mm.

Outside width: 1420 mm.

Height: 1600 mm.

Interior area: 1.5 sqm.

Weight: 120 kg.


Top cover: PVC 2,5 mm with two layers of fabric.

Base: Wooden base with 20 mm latex mattress.

Penning: Plywood 12 mm or compact laminate 6mm.

Front gate: Hot dip galvanized steel.


Indoor and outdoor, in new barns or renovated barns

The legs on the Singlebox can be adjusted according to the existing concrete flooring.


The top cover of the Singlebox is rotated mechanical by pulling the handle. No electricity is added. The patented mechanical drive ensures product reliability.


How is the Singlebox cleaned?

By manually pulling the handle.

Is it heavy to pull when the calf is in the box?

The smart mechanical drive makes it easy to pull. You can choose from pulling heavier a few times to pulling less weight more repetitions.

Where does the manure end up?

The manure can be brought out in the front or rear end of the unit. Preferably put the Singlebox next to a gutter for automatic removal.

How long is the delivery time?

12 weeks. Each order will receive a specific delivery date.

How is it delivered?

Flat packed, semi-mounted. Spend a few hours on mounting the unit.
  • "We clean in every single box morning and evening. It is much easier than cleaning ordinary calf boxes, and you do not have to take the calf out when cleaning. There will also be less flies."

    Jonna Silvin

    Milk Producer Gothem, Sweden
  • "We are now supplementing our group boxes with single boxes to get complete calf care."

    Karin Åstveit & Trond Reierstad

    Milk Producer Lörenskog, Norway

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