April 4, 2023

"No other system works this well"

campeau rund

The Campeaus are a Canadian dairy-farming family who have been in the business for generations. They have always been committed to providing their calves with the best possible care. They started using the Moving Floor Groupbox for their calves in 2017, and they have seen a remarkable difference in calf health. "We used to have problems with the calf health before with a high culling rate. Now I see a significant change", says Cédric Campeau.

The Campeau family has observed that since they started using the Moving Floor Groupbox, their calves have been healthier and more productive. "Our target has been to double the birth weight in 60 days, which was a difficult target to reach greater part of the year before having automatic cleaning. Now this target is easily met", Cédric continues.

In addition to improving calf health, the Moving Floor Groupbox has other benefits as well. It reduces labor and bedding costs for the Campeaus, as the system automatically distributes feed and bedding. This has allowed them to redirect their time and resources towards other important aspects of their farming operation. "We give the calves raw milk individually and then on the 5th day in life we move them to Moving Floor. They stay there until weaning. Feeding is done in milk bars. We notice that the calves are less nervous when they are in a group. It is easier for us to approach them. As the calves get older and moved into bigger groups we see that they can more easily adapt. Moving calves from individual pens to big groups often stressed the calves and made them eat less for a few days. It was a more difficult transition."

Moreover, the Moving Floor Groupbox is also an environmentally friendly system, cutting ammonia emissions and lowering the total CO2-equivalent footprint.

In conclusion, the Moving Floor Groupbox is an innovative system that can improve calf health and enhance the efficiency of a dairy farm operation. Using the Campeau family as an example, it is evident that this system is a game-changer for any dairy farmer who is committed to raising healthy calves. It reduces labor and bedding costs while improving the overall welfare of the calf. If you are in the dairy farming industry, it would be wise to consider incorporating this system into your farm operation.

What would you say to somebody considering automatic cleaning?

No other system works this well!

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